2/6/2019 9:39:49 AM

Airlines has announced new promotion dubbed Valentine Special. The promotion allows passengers on Dar es Salaam and Nairobi routes to enjoy special discounted fares during this year's valentine season.

A return ticket from Lilongwe to Dar es Salaam is now at as low as USD259 while from Lilongwe to Nairobi it is at as low as USD350. 

The offer is valid for sales between 6 February, 2019 to 20 March, 2019 and for travel  between 6 February, 2019 and 30 November, 2019. 

In addition, passengers traveling between Lilongwe and Nairobi are allowed 3 pieces of 23kgs each free baggage allowance. Passengers traveling between Lilongwe and Dar es Salaam are allowed up to 40kgs free baggage allowance. 

All other rules and conditions of the regular fare from the respective origins shall apply. For more details contact any Malawi Airlines office or travel agent or write us at

Press Release - Statement on incident at OR Tambo involving Malawi Airlines Flight no. ET20

1/14/2019 2:58:24 PM

We are getting feedback from concerned traveling public regarding the incident that happened today Monday, 14th January, 2019 at OR Tambo International Airport, involving our Flight Number ET020 from Lilongwe to Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are also aware of the misinformation making rounds on social media and other online media outlets alleging that our flight crash-landed in Johannesburg due to problems with the aircraft’s landing gear.

The truth of the matter is that the flight had normal landing at OR Tambo International Airport; however upon touchdown, the Captain of the flight realized that one of the plane’s tyres deflated during normal braking. As a precaution, the Captain decided not to proceed with taxing to the Terminal Parking Bay but opted to have passengers disembark on the runway. All passengers disembarked with no incident. Further precautionary procedures were implemented to tow the aircraft to the parking bay.

Meanwhile, the deflated tyre was replaced and the return flight operated albeit with a two-hour delay.

Malawi Airlines apologizes for the inconvenience and would like to assure our esteemed customers and general traveling public that we are committed to safe, secure and reliable service. We are still investigating the incident to establish the cause of the tyre deflation.

Malawi Airlines wishes to advise its customers that the above incident is a rare occurrence and that precautionary measures are in place to prevent recurrence. For further clarification contact our Senior Public Relations Officer on 999618413/0885313011 or email at

Hailemelekot Mamo
14th January, 2019.

Malawi Airlines increases free baggage allowance for Nairobi passengers

11/13/2018 8:00:00 AM

Malawi Airlines has announced extra piece baggage allowance for passengers traveling between Lilongwe/Blantyre and Nairobi. Effective 14th November, 2018 passengers on Business Class will be allowed 04 pieces of 23kgs each free checked in baggage allowance while those on economy class will enjoy 03 pieces of 23kgs each an increase from the traditional 03 and 02 pieces respectively. The offer is valid until 30th January, 2019.

Malawi Airlines Website Revamp

9/14/2018 10:00:00 AM

Malawi Airlines has launched its newly redesigned website that allows users to book flights, check flight status and schedules with much ease than before. The new-look website is more user-friendly, interactive and more informative giving passengers convenient access to all necessary information about their flights at their fingertips.

Malawi Airlines voted as no. 1 in on-time performance in Johannesburg

8/31/2018 12:00:00 AM

For 3rd time in a roll, Malawi Airlines has been voted as the best Airline in keeping time at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa.