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In the tradition of Malawian hospitality we ensure that our passengers are well looked after on board our flights.

Depending on the route, the cabin and time of day, of a flight, passengers will have a service of a hot meal, hot or cold snacks, or light refreshment on board. Passengers will have a selection of wines to go with their meals. Additional choice of drinks, that includes, beer and soft drinks, is available throughout the flight on complementary basis.

Business Class

Every meal and fruits and cheese tray is portioned and provided per the number of passengers.

Business Class The dessert tray offers a basket of fruits in season, a variety of cheeses and a selection of pastries, complete with a choice of port, brandy or liqueur.

Wine A selection of one white and two red Business Class standard wines will be supplied for all flights and these will also be indicated in the menus.

Economy Class

All meals, cutlery, salad dressings, bread, crackers, portion cheese and butter will be pre-plated on trays.

Economy class foods Passengers in Economy class will have a three course meal together with their choice of drinks.

Special meals

Specials Passengers with special dietary requirement may request the type of meal they require at the time of booking in advance and Malawian will do all possible to provide the special meal ordered.