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To ensure maximum safety, all passengers are required to show their ticket and passport at the Security Check-Point before they enter the Terminal building. All other visitors are required to pay a fee of Birr 3/- at the booths located in the parking lot and need to show identification cards at the Security Guard Post. There is a designated visitors waiting area beyond which they are not allowed to pass.

All who enter the airport building whether passengers or visitors need to pass through security screen.

Luggage Assistance

Trolleys are available for your luggage and if you need assistance porters are available to help at a charge of Birr 3/- for departures and Birr 5/- for arrivals.

Inside the Terminal

Flight information giving details of flight departures and arrivals are displayed both for all flights both on departures as well as arrivals. Malawian Airlines also has a help podium in front of the check-in area and the agent on duty will assist with providing you with information you may require regarding your flights. Agents will also assist in fulfilling your requirement made at the time of booking regarding requests for wheel chair, assistance for elderly passengers, unaccompanied minors, and pregnant women, passengers with infants, etc.

Facilities at Departures

Malawian has a Customer service Desk at Departures where passengers will get information or assistance on request.

Gates are opened three hours before the departure of a flight and all passengers are expected to enter their respective gates.

A number of facilities are available to passengers while waiting for the departure of their flights. Among these are Duty Free Shops with a variety of international and Malawian traditional goods, a choice of restaurants and cafes, an internet café and book shops with books on Malawian. A special praying area